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What is ShareKhayr?


ShareKhayr is a grass-root level organization that serves the local community, more specifically the less privileged, to attain better quality education. Our group not only work towards educating the masses but also creates job opportunities for individuals with qualification who lack only the opportunity.Education is the first step towards developing a better society and better human beings.This change has to start from the individual then to his family and finally to the society as a whole.

Refer A Student

We gather students in need of education. You could also refer students if they are willing to study.

Counsel The Students

Counsel the students as to what’s in store for them and stress on the importance of Islamic education & academics

Provide an Opportunity

Admit them in reputed institutions, preferably residential and we will maintain record of the students’ progress and keep the donors posted.

Our Mission

Imagine this scenario

I'd like you to picture a scenario, your way from home to office or your day out for shopping. Neither of the two situations are complete without a child begging you for alms. As easy as it may be to shoo the child away, it would be equally difficult to imagine yourself in their shoes. But, Alhamdulillah, you had better resources than begging as a child. And so we as Muslims have a responsibility upon us to help our lesser privileged brothers and sisters, as a sign of gratefulness to the Creator and to attain His pleasure.

Moving Forward

Having mentioned the scenario, we would like to extend an opportunity to you of increasing your good deeds. Our local program have been organized to provide education to the less privileged in our society.

Your Involvement

Since most of us have recently started earning, this program is designed to get you in a habit of sharing the blessings bestowed upon us from Allah SWT. Your contribution does not only supports a child's education but also is a hope for a better future, InShaAllah.

Get Involved In Making All The Children Of The World Happy

"The Most Beloved Actions to Allah (SWT) are those Performed Consistently, Even if they are few." -Sahih Bukhari

About This Cause

Why Volunteer

We also welcome anyone interested in volunteering for our organization.The least you can do is forward this and spread the word to your friends and Inshallah someone who might be interested can join us or contribute in this beautiful effort.

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